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Based on the most current NBME blueprint, USMLE Benchmark is a digital review product containing thousands of Board-style questions to help you prepare for and excel at USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK. 

Each question has detailed rationales for both the correct and incorrect answers written by experienced question writers, medical students, and residents. Each question set is meticulously reviewed for clinical accuracy by our medical advisory board consisting of licensed content experts. And to make sure you are receiving the best quality product, new questions are always being added and existing questions are analyzed for efficacy.

The functionality to help you excel.

Detailed rationales explain not only why an answer is correct, but also why the other answers are incorrect. Custom reports pinpoint subjects which require more study. You can assess your individual progress, as well as progress compared to other users. And since time is an important factor when you take the Boards, you can see how much time you spent per question.

With USMLE Benchmark, you can create unlimited practice exams in multiple content areas. When you are ready, take your USMLE Assessment exam to determine your strengths and weaknesses by subject and body system. You even have a choice of using the actual USMLE interface or USMLE Benchmark’s interface for your practice exams and assessment exam.

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